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The Best LEGO Party!

Book the Best LEGO Party and we’ll set up the LEGO play stations, including tables and chairs, at your home or party site. We’ll guide and oversee the kids’ playtime and when the party’s over, we’ll break down the LEGO party equipment.

Your Best LEGO party is a ton of creative fun for boys and girls, 4 to 10 years gold, and features FOUR custom LEGO stations:

  1. LEGO Super City
    It's another busy day in the Super City. LEGO people and animals are on the move at the apartment building. Workers build a fence around the school and a garden blooms in front of the Victorian house. Pirates anchor their fearsome ship nearby, while a dragon guards the castle. Action figures zip around the Star Wars neighborhood in their star-fighters and land-speeders.
  2. LEGO Car Building and Racing Station
    Unleash kids' creativity! Build super-cool LEGO race cars. Challenge other cars to exciting races down special, lightning-fast ramps.
  3. LEGO Games
    Play LEGO basketball and LEGO soccer
  4. Bionicles
    Build and play with science-fantasy LEGO robots

The Best LEGO Party is great entertainment for up to 20 children. If you plan to have more than 20 guests, ask us to Super-Size your LEGO party by adding extra LEGO stations.

A Playparty staff member will arrive at your home or party site about ½ hour before your party begins and set up the LEGO party equipment. The 1 hour minimum playtime does not include equipment set up or break down.

Kids' imaginations run wild with 4 LEGO stations!

Super City

view more pictures All American Dragstrip is one of the Playparty race car party stations All American Dragstrip is one of the Playparty race car party stations

LEGO Games

view more picturesgiant race oval for playparty utlimate race car party


gravity race track

LEGO Car Building & Racing Station

LEGO car station
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